Better Together
Better Together

Better Together

Sharon Nowlan

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The Sharon Nowlan Collection

The Sharon Nowlan Collection takes natural materials such as pebbles, driftwood, shells, twigs and sea glass to convey warm emotions. Her work tells unique stories with creative depictions of family and friendships. Each piece is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans. Great as a gift to express your feelings for a friend or loved one. "Better Together" represents a feeling of community and the meaningful strength that results from relationships with neighbors, friends and family - the joy of togetherness. These three peaceful houses on the same branch against a white background adds a sense of peace and security to any home. A perfect housewarming gift, or piece of art to warm any family space.

A beautiful gift for any couple starting their lives together. Give a gift to last a lifetime.

  • These new sea glass-inspired creations are the latest addition to Sharon Nowlan's detailed and natural collection of meaningful, unique artwork. The bluish glass accents expand the palette of Nowlan's work with soft touches of sea colors to enliven any home's décor. Great as a gift to express your feelings for a friend or loved one.
  • Sharon Nowlan’s artwork is reflective of the beautiful land and seascapes of Nova Scotia where she grew up drawing, painting and creating in a variety of media. The Sharon Nowlan Collection transforms a mix of composite pebbles and other materials into inspirational designs, from angels and devoted friends to meaningful sentiments.
  • Made of pine wood, paper, glass, and PVC. Dimensions:15"w x 8"h.

 We are all better off together here in Ormond Beach, Florida. Spread the love.